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Reviews – Oliver Palmer


"Palmer captures Bobby by curling his shoulders down and caving in his stomach. He moves with strangled strength, slumping tight against a wall to avoid Teach or twitching with craven nervousness as he strains to earn — and hold — Donny's attention. Life has kicked a stupendous amount of shit out of Bobby, and Palmer lets it register. Palmer's coup is letting Teach and Donny wonder whether he's a desperate minion, a traitor or fuckup."

Seven Days, 2017

"Palmer, making his Dorset and regional debut, did a masterful job of hemming, hawing, twitching and almost losing his way into our psyches, in the same manner one could imagine a real-life Bobby grappling with insecurity, addiction, and fear. It was at once uncomfortable and revealing to watch played out, and Palmer deserves great credit for that.

Manchester Journal, 2017

"Still, it is Oliver Palmer's authentic and sympathetic Bobby, also not too bright, desperately striving for acceptance, that becomes pivotal. The interaction between Guirgis' Donny and Palmer's Bobby created an emotional depth that gave the performance real emotional wallop."

Rutland Herald, 2017

"Giving an equally impressive performance is Palmer’s portrayal of a military veteran who was discharged after losing his mind in a violent rage murdering a fellow soldier.”

“If you add to all that Oliver Palmer as the obviously unhinged PTSD veteran, Michael you have an ensemble cast of some skill.

5D Blog

"the troubled war veteran Michael, who is played with a dark withdrawn persona by Oliver Palmer. Although reserved, I really enjoyed Palmer’s on edge performance…